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At Optimal Hearing, we recognise the demands of modern life, which is why we offer a distinctive home visit service to accommodate your hearing care needs at your convenience. Our commitment to providing accessible and flexible services extends to all our valued patients, including private individuals.

While our services are designed to serve industry referrals such as GPs and Aged Care, we want to make it clear that everyone is welcome to benefit from our expertise. Your hearing health matters, and we are here to provide you with the exceptional care and flexibility you deserve.

Jack Leigh

Jack Leigh

Jack Leigh is the founder and Audiologist at Optimal Hearing. He completed his Audiology degree at Manchester University, UK. On completion of his degree Jack worked for the NHS as an employed Audiologist. In 2008, Jack moved to Australia and worked for a variety of smaller and larger Audiology companies until launching Optimal Hearing in 2013.

Jack is dedicated to helping all individuals reach their hearing potential. It was through his experiences working for other audiology companies that he noticed a serious flaw in the current system. The vast majority of people who require a home-visit are terribly under-serviced. In many cases, waiting up to six months before an appointment, even for emergencies like a broken hearing aid. Jack sincerely believes that all people deserve the right to quality, professional and on-going care and management of their hearing.

Jack is a member of Audiology Australia with CCP, and is also registered with the Government’s Hearing Services Program as a Qualified Provider. He is passionate about his profession and prides himself on his empathy and consideration for all his clients. He enjoys troubleshooting and improving hearing aid performance, and is particularly proud of his earwax suction technique that allows him to clear out wax in the most comfortable and efficient manner.

Adina Leigh

Adina Leigh

Adina Leigh obtained a Bachelors degree with Honors (B. Sp. Hons) in Speech Pathology in 2004.  Following graduation, she has been employed in both the public and private sectors (both in Australia and the UK) providing speech and language assessment/therapy to both children and adults. Since 2007, Adina has been running her own independent speech pathology practice.  This involves running both the financial and clinical aspects of the business.   Adina’s complimentary allied health skill set as well as her creativity and expertise in practice management make her an extremely valued member of the Optimal Hearing team.

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