Aged Care Audiologist

Aged Care Audiologist

Mobile Audiology Services for Aged Care Facilities: Bringing Quality Hearing Care to You

At Optimal Hearing, we understand the unique needs and challenges faced by residents of aged care facilities. That’s why we’re proud to offer our mobile audiology services specifically tailored to meet the needs of seniors in aged care settings. With our mobile clinic, we bring comprehensive hearing care directly to your facility, ensuring that residents receive the attention and support they deserve without the inconvenience of travel.

Why Choose Optimal Hearing’s Mobile Audiology for Aged Care?

  • Convenience: Our mobile clinic eliminates the need for residents to travel to a traditional audiology clinic, making it easier than ever to prioritize their hearing health.

  • Accessibility: We believe that everyone deserves access to quality hearing care, regardless of their mobility or living situation. Our mobile audiology service ensures that seniors in aged care facilities have access to the care they need, right where they are.

  • Comprehensive Care: From hearing assessments to hearing aid fittings, repairs, and ongoing support, our mobile audiology service offers the full range of services you would expect from a stationary clinic, all delivered conveniently onsite.

    Our Services


    Experience comprehensive diagnostics, including adult and pediatric assessments, tinnitus evaluations, and personalised custom earplugs.

    Hearing Aids

    Discover a world of hearing clarity with our complete hearing aid services, offering expert advice, personalized selection, trial options, supply, precise fitting, tuning, and ongoing servicing.

    For Doctors

    Our home visit service provides invaluable support for patients who find it challenging to visit a clinic, while offering an ideal referral solution for GPs/ENTs looking to ensure their patients receive specialised care.

    Aged Care

    Tailored to meet the specific needs of aged care providers, our services are designed to support accreditation requirements, assist nurses, and collaborate with clinical and lifestyle managers.

    Wax Removal

    Say goodbye to the inconvenience of earwax troubles as we bring the expertise of safe and effective earwax removal right to your doorstep with our specialised in-home service.

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